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zero liquid discharge Zero Liquid Discharge WaterWin

Because clean water is increasingly scarce.

Two-thirds of the surface of our blue planet is covered with water. However, the proportion of freshwater is just 3 percent. Consequently, water purification is of primary importance. Desalination plants are currently market leaders in regions with water shortages and the trend is growing. However, these waste management approaches now already lead to serious environmental problems, such as releasing highly concentrated brines back into water sources (e.g. sea or groundwater) or discharging them into waste water streams. Another challenge is the treatment of contaminated water into industrial water, as is the case, for example, in mining areas. Innovative solutions are also in demand here.

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Our WaterWin solution scores points with the treatment of contaminated water – with low energy consumption, low residues and also cooling energy.

The technology is similar to multi-effect distillation. The generation of cooling is a strong argument in support of waterwin in addition to the energy efficiency achieved. Brine is no longer generated during water treatment.

  • Water treated with waterwin can be released back into the sea with just a low salt content.
  • The initial costs as well as the running costs are lower than with previously established technologies, such as reverse osmosis.
  • Fewer chemicals are needed for the purification and the end product has the quality of drinking water.

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