Headworks 'head of the works' or 'inlet works' of a sewage wastewater treatment plant, would generally incorporate a system of screens, filters, detritors and classifiers that effectively remove solids, grit and other debris from the influent wastewater. Regardless of industry, raw water must be treated before it can be used downstream. Ovivo's headworks/inlet works conditioning equipment ensure that even the most stringent screening, screening handling and grit removal requirements are achieved

Coarse Screen

Coarse screen systems are designed for a variety of applications. Various bar screen configurations and cleaning mechanims are available.

Grit Classifier

Grit classifiers are packaged system used for the separation of mineral grit from water and other solids discharged by adjacent grit removal systems.

Grit Trap

A grit trap is a high performance grit removal unit placed in the main stream of an inlet. It makes the resulting effluent manageable for wastewater treatment.

Inlet Screen

The initial stage of raw water and wastewater treatment is the removal of solids. Ovivo offers a variety of inlet screens.

Packaged Inlet System

Ovivo offers packaged inlet system for complete screening and grit removal, within a pre-packaged unit.

Screening Handling Removal

Screenings removal systems wash and compact material, producing virtually odor-free solids for storage, transport and disposal.