Ultrastore™ Membrane Gasholders

Ultrastore™ membrane gasholders are a key ingredient in the development of waste-to-energy solutions that are becoming a big topic in municipal wastewater plants today. Every membrane solution supplied by Ovivo® is specifically engineered to meet customer needs. Our membrane gasholders are supplied in configurations that no other company or technology can approach.
  • Increased gas storage for waste-to-energy projects
  • Flexible storage capacities
  • Low cost, fast and easy installation
  • U.S. based manufacturer and facilities

Avant Energy

Numerous wastewater facilities are looking at ways to reduce costs and/or generate revenues. Transforming waste into energy is fast becoming a source of interest for many plant superintendents, who are looking to attain net- zero energy consumption for the plant, or in some cases, achieve a positive balance, where surplus gas is converted into power and put back into the grid. Other objectives may include such eco-friendly measures as using the excess gas to power vehicles within the plant or community.

For any of these cost-saving measures to take place, steady and reliable sources of biogas, along with the ability to store large quantities of gas, are required. The Ovivo Ultrastore gasholder membrane is the only effective and efficient solution for transforming waste-to-energy.

The Ultrastore is simple to erect, simple to operate and monitor, and is custom-designed in both shape and configuration to suit any site requirements.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Custom-designed to fit your specific needs
  • Storage availability indicator

Plant owners often wonder if membrane gasholders are suitable for their facilities. Ovivo provides all the necessary information needed to determine if gasholders will work for a specific plant, such as site analysis, technical specifications, potential energy usage and output, along with expert field support that can be accessed locally. We provide the remedy to any situation, giving owners peace of mind in knowing that they have selected the right system for their needs.

Membrane Gasholder

Ovivo Ultrastore membrane gasholders are designed with inner and outer membranes that provide more flexible storage capacities than traditional steel covers. The outer air membrane acts as an air-tight chamber that is kept in constant traction through a system of continuous fans and filters. This continual pressure of air keeps the inner gas membrane at the same working pressure, independent of the biogas quantity being stored. This allows the gas membrane to hold varying volumes of gas, while the outlet flow rate remains constant for steady, stable operations of a waste-to-energy system.

The PVC-coated, polyester-fiber fabric membranes are engineered to resist punctures, wind and weather. The special stainless steel profiles anchor directly into the concrete base, while the flanges keep the membranes fixed to the ground and under pressure along the external perimeter of the gasholder.

Ovivo® Ultrastore™ Membrane Gas Holders_IMG_8 Manufacturing

Ovivo Ultrastore gasholder membranes are cut, welded and tested in Little Rock, Arkansas, making Ovivo the only supplier with manufacturing facilities in the United States, allowing for quick-turn around in any situation.

The materials used in the construction of a gasholder membrane are just as critical as the design, which is why Ovivo sources all our materials from the most reliable membrane producers in the world. Our suppliers have expertise in the different types of membranes used for gas storage, which is essential when procuring materials that will meet specific design parameters and provide the customer with a durable, long-lasting product.

Ovivo® Ultrastore™ Membrane Gas Holders_IMG_7 Installation

Ultrastore membrane gasholders typically take less than one week to install and put into operation. The membrane arrives on site, is spread out, and then attached to the anchors – all within a few days. Once secured to the concrete base, the membrane is inflated and connected to instrumentation provided by Ovivo, which is integrated into the existing plant control system, all within 24 hours. A quick test of the system and the membrane is ready to operate.

Graph-illo Performance

Once in operation, the storage indicator specifies the amount of stored volume available in the Ultrastore gasholder, which allows the operator to plan all of the operations around the management of the solids handling section within the wastewater treatment plant.

What happens if someone shoots at the membrane? Will it explode?

No it will not explode. The outer membrane is the air membrane. Any projectile that penetrates the outer membrane will allow air to escape from the membrane. A small hole will not compromise the integrity of the air membrane. If the customer wants, the hole can be patched with a repair kit.

Do you have many Ultrastore membrane installations?

As of 2014, we have over ten installations in the United States. Our partner, ECOMEMBRANE™ is the second largest supplier of membrane gasholders in the world with over 400 installations. In addition, we can manufacture the membranes in almost any shape to suit our customers’ needs.

What happens if gas accumulates inside the air membrane? Will this be a problem?

In our design, the air is continuously being purged out so no gas accumulates in the air membrane.

Do you need a net for the gas membrane when the membrane gas holder is mounted on a digester tank?

In most cases, a net is unnecessary. The only time a net would be required is if there is equipment in the tank that might cause a tear. Otherwise, the membrane can easily sit on the sludge in the digester. Since each digester is unique, a detailed discussion of your project particulars should be discussed.

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Ovivo is in partnership with ECOMEMBRANE™.