Enviroquip® Single Rake Front Cleaning Bar Screen

Enviroquip® single rake front cleaning bar screens are automatically controlled to remove debris from incoming wastewater. The stainless steel static screens use a reciprocating rake to capture debris and move it upwards to a discharge chute. The simple, robust screen design tolerates jammed objects. The screens have a variety of clear openings, a range of controls to customize screen operations and all units are factory pre-tested for fast installation and reliable operation.
  • Conventional municipal or industrial wastewater headworks where coarse screening is required
  • Installed upstream of fine screens to remove all large debris
  • Extends the life of downstream fine screens
  • Water plant or power plant raw water intakes

Single Rake Bar Screen

  • Automatic operation on a float switch, level sensor or timer
  • Minimum maintenance for these rugged mechanical screens
  • No bearings or seals in the flow stream
  • Double overload protection with adjustable contacts at the drive
  • Ability to climb over large objects
  • Components are all fabricated stainless steel for long equipment life

The Enviroquip® single rake front cleaning bar screens are primarily used in raw water intakes to capture and remove large pieces of debris from the flow, thereby protecting screening equipment downstream. It is, by necessity, a robust piece of equipment designed to handle a variety of types and sizes of debris.

The structure is placed directly in the intake stream. Debris is blocked by the static screen and pushed onto the rake blades by the natural force of the flow. The debris is held in place by the teeth on the blades while the arms move upwards, transporting the debris to a discharge chute before returning to its original position.

The spacing of the teeth, the width between the rake blades, and the number of passes the arms make can be customized according to plant requirements or seasonal flows.

The Enviroquip® single rake front cleaning (SRFC) bar screens feature a hydraulic driven unit consisting of a motor, brake, gear reducer, hydraulic hoses and support brackets. It’s Eurodrive hollow shaft helical reducer is the highest efficiency gear reducer available. The individually adjustable 316 SS teeth are attached to the 304 SS rake blades with flat head screws and nylon locknuts. The rake blades are attached to the rake arms using a four bolt connection. All our fabricated stainless steel components  receive a uniform matte finish and blast brush for cleaning.

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