Ovivo® stormBLOX® Technology

The Ovivo® stormBLOX Technology is a complete, membrane-based physical-chemical (P-C) treatment process designed to cost-effectively treat storm flows and reliably serve as emergency flow management in the event of biological process upsets. The technology is primarily intended to act as a secondary (side-stream) treatment and to complement biological processes (generally MBRs). It results in more reliable WWTP operation across a wide range of operating conditions.

stormBLOX Installation

stormBLOX™ is a physical-chemical (P/C) treatment process that treats raw influent to full permit in MBR plants less than 5 MGD in size and with peak flows in excess of 3Q.  Excess flows greater than the design maximum are sent to the stormBLOX system where it is cost effectively treated.  stormBLOX plants can also serve as reliable emergency flow management in the event of biological process upsets.

  • System is brought on-line instantaneously during storm events
  • Utilizes ultrafiltration and adsorption media for treatment
  • High effluent quality for TSS, BOD, and TN
  • Low energy
  • Compact design

Peak flow treatment is a unique and difficult challenge to solve due to frequency, low loading, and high volume.  As a physical-chemical based process, stormBLOX provides the most efficient and compact treatment solution for flows during peak events.  Alum addition helps coagulate organic particles while improving membrane filterability.  The robust design of the iSep UF membrane provides a distinct barrier layer, ensuring no solids pass through to the media beds.  GAC and/or Zeolite beds ensure effluent quality exceeds permit standards.

  • Title 22 approved physical-chemical process for treating raw influent during peak flows
  • Low total energy consumption (no air scour)
  • Half the footprint of an MBR
  • Meets all discharge permit requirements
  • Modular and extremely scalable

Alum is added to raw, screened influent and fed directly to the UF membranes where total suspended solids, viruses, and bacteria are removed.  The UF system is a vacuum driven process utilizing 0.03 mm PVDF membranes that operate at high flux and low energy (no air scour).  Depending on final effluent water quality requirements, adsorption media is used downstream of the UF for BOD (activated carbon) and nitrogen (Zeolite) removal.  The stormBLOX system can be brought on-line immediately, allowing users to treat peak flows at a moment’s notice.


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  1. Does stormBLOX have regulatory approval?
    1. Yes, stormBLOX was the first physical-chemical process granted Title 22 approval.
  2. Does stormBLOX consume a lot of energy?
    1. Power consumption for a stormBLOX system utilizing both GAC and Zeolite consumes less than 0.2 kWh/m3.
  3. Is there a biological process involved?
    1. No, the stormBLOX system uses physical-chemical treatment methods to treat wastewater.
  4.  Are any chemicals required?
    1. Yes, alum is injected in the feed to improve membrane filterability. Chlorine, and sometimes acid, are used to periodically clean the membranes.
  5. Is stormBLOX a stand alone system?
    1. No, stormBLOX is a side stream process that is coupled with an MBR. Peak flows in excess of 3Q are sent to the stormBLOX system, which is used exclusively alongside MBR systems.
  6. How do I know if I need activated carbon and/or Zeolite?
    1. It will depend on your permit requirements. If BOD removal is required, as is in most cases, then activated carbon will be needed.  If nitrogen removal is required, then Zeolite is needed.
  7. How is the stormBLOX system stored during dry (non-rainy) periods?
    1. The UF membranes are stored in water and a small amount of chlorine to prevent microbial activity. No preparation is needed for the media beds.
  8. Can I operate the stormBLOX system during dry weather periods?
    1. Yes, it is good practice to periodically run the system during extended dry weather periods. It helps ensure the membranes are in good operating condition while allowing plant operators to check equipment and system functionality.
  9. What do I need to bring the system on-line during storm events?
    1. No special preparation is need to bring the system on-line. The stormBLOX system can be brought on-line instantaneously.

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