Coarse Screen

Coarse screen including automatic bar screen raking systems are designed for a wide range of applications where highly effective cleaning is necessary, including power stations (nuclear, fossil and hydro), flood defense, storm drainage pumping stations and industrial pumping stations. The simplicity of their design and efficient debris handling make them an ideal solution for cost-effective screening of water and wastewater.
Brackett Bosker® Bandit Automatic Trashrake Technology
For small and remote areas, or for intakes that rely on manual cleaning methods, the Brackett Bosker® Bandit automatic trash rake is ideal. Compact, with an extendable, rotating, hydraulic arm designed to clear debris from horizontal and vertical screens with bar spacing of 12mm up to 200mm, it allows for a safe workload capacity of 250 kg (550 lb). The equipment can easily be retrofitted to existing intakes. There are no submerged moving parts so maintenance costs are low.