Sedimentation has been the mainstay process for solid-liquid separation in the wastewater industry since its inception. Ovivo's expertise in sedimentation and decades of experience in the field have produced an extensive range of clarifiers that are the most reliable and innovative in the market. As each plant has specific needs, Ovivo can recommend and provide reliable, robust mechanisms to ensure optimal performance for any given application.

Bridge Supported or Column Supported… What’s the difference? Find Out

Enviroquip® Solids Contact Clarifier
The Enviroquip® solids contact clarifier is a high rate, vertical flow treating unit combining chemical mixing, flocculation, coagulation, settling and clarification, in a single circular tank. Typical applications include lime softening, color removal and turbidity removal.
Ovivo® Bridge Supported Clarifier
Ovivo's bridge supported clarifiers rely on the fundamentals of liquid-solid separation via gravity to produce a clarified overflow of water and sludge.
Ovivo® Plow Blade Scraper Clarifier
The Ovivo® plow blade scraper clarifier features rapid sludge removal by the action of raking blades.
OVIVO® Traveling Bridge Clarifier
The Ovivo® traveling bridge clarifier spans the width of a rectangular reservoir and travel its length to collect settled solids from the tank bottom.
Trac-Vac® Sludge Collector
The TRAC-VAC® Sludge Collector removes solids from sedimentation basins by means of suction generated through differential head or pumping.