Grit Trap

Grit traps are highly efficient, low energy mechanisms that are an essential first step in wastewater treatment. With their sloping sides and a specially designed, slow-rotating impeller, the grit trap provides maximum separation of heavy mineral solids (grit) while rejecting lighter organic solids, which remain in the wastewater flow. Removing these heavy solids protect the rest of the downstream processes from the adverse effects of grit.
J+A CrossflowTM Grit Removal
The J+A Crossflow™ grit removal unit is usually installed between medium and fine screens to capture abrasive material, thereby protecting downstream equipment.
J+A Jeta® Grit Trap
The J+A Jeta® grit trap is a high performance, compact grit removal unit, whose unique impeller offers the highest possible grit removal in a small plan area.
Ovivo® Grit Collector
The Ovivo Grit Collector is a cross flow grit system that utilizes a collector arm to move settled grit into a box for collection.
Ovivo® Stone TrapTM Systems
The Ovivo® Stone TrapTM system removes small stones and rocks from screenings when water is used for screenings transport. If not removed, stones and rocks will result in premature wear of the screw mechanism used in screenings compaction and dewatering. Since water is used to transport screenings in many applications, such as with Ovivo's center flow and drum screens, the Stone Trap is an ideal pre-screening method.