Trickling Filter

Ovivo’s rotary distributor is designed to evenly distribute sewage over a trickling filter. Rotary distributor mechanisms have been developed using Ovivo engineers’ extensive experience and application of conventional units. These units’ design features help to provide years of trouble-free service.
Ovivo® Rotary Distributor
The Ovivo® rotary distributor filters screened and settled wastewater through a bed of rock or plastic to reduce the biological oxygen demand (BOD) to acceptable levels. Microorganisms attach to the media and consume the waste that contacts the surface as the liquid trickles through the media. Basic applications for rotary distributors include low and high rate trickling filter processes, but can be used for roughing, to reduce the organic load applied to subsequent biological processes.
Ovivo® DVG Filters
Ovivo® DVG filters are available for circular or rectangular tankage in single, double and triple filter cell designs. Design is extremely simple and the gravity filtration system requires little operator attention. Backwash water is stored in a compartment to eliminate the need for external backwash pumps. In single filter cell units, flow is stopped during backwash, but in the multiple filter cell design operation is continuous with one cell out during a backwash cycle.