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Sludge Treatment

When wastewater is treated, sludge is produced. The disposal method for the sludge and the associated costs can significantly affect the payback and economics of a wastewater treatment plant installation. Ovivo has experience treating sludges from all types of municipal and industrial wastewater systems and is able to offer solids handling equipment for sludge thickening or dewatering. 


Our handling technologies

Ovivo has a wealth of experience in the vast array of sludge thickening and dewatering technologies; we have on many occasions supplied other OEM technologies as elements to our total project delivery. These include:

  • Gravity thickening
  • Membrane thickening
  • Flotation thickening
  • Belt thickening
  • Drying bed design
  • Filter press
  • Belt press
  • Centrifuge


We are particularly proud of the CINETIK® technology, our latest innovation in this area, which uses electricity and controlled mechanical pressure to induce electro-osmosis and extract water from mechanically dewatered sludge cake.


Our Treatment technologies

In addition to conventional methods of solids handling, Ovivo has develop innovative ways of sludge thickening using Kubota® flat plate membranes to thicken sludge without the use of polymers or coagulants.  Sludge is thickened typically up to 3.0% solids by the MBT by pulling clean water through the membrane leaving solids behind.  Because of the quality of filtration by the membrane, the permeate from the thickener may be combined with the treated effluent flow that is to be sent to disinfection instead of recycling back to the headworks of the treatment facility.



The performance of a particular dewatering plant is entirely dependent on the nature of the sludge. Food industry sludge is generally better dewatered in a centrifuge or screw press whereas it is usually preferable to dewater sludge from a metals processing plant in a filter press.  Utilizing our technologies allows us to achieve anywhere from a 5-20 fold reduction in volume.

Our Experise

In addition to being able to supply clients with high quality solids handling equipment, Ovivo can undertake complete design/build packages. These packages would normally involve additional equipment such as sludge conditioning tanks, chemical preparation and dosing systems, cake conveyors and controls. Ovivo specialises in turnkey solutions for all your solids handling needs.